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Personalized Yours

Alien-Shaped Pillow Creator

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What You Should Know?

Uniquely Handmade For You & Made to order

We are inspired by the idea of creating a long-lasting memorable gift for your loved one.

You can now create a unique custom-shaped pillow to send it as a gift or use them as a home decor item. 

We use the photo that you uploaded and create a lifelike shaped pillow cushion.  Any ideas of yours can be transformed into a custom-shaped pillow.

Picture of your pets, motivational quotes, fruit, couple photos, ...even your friends and family, whatever you would like us to customize with!

Who can resist the uniqueness of having a pillow that made from an actual photograph?

It's time to create one!   

Two ways to send us a photo: 

1. Purchase now, send us an original photo (over 1MB or OVER 300 resolution) and write down any special request by replying the purchase confirmation email.  
2. Attach an original photo (over 1MB or OVER 300 resolution) before clicking "Add to Cart" button and write down any special request on the "Cart Page".

Not sure which photo to use?

Feel free to send us more photos by replying the order confirmation email or contact us via Facebook page ("Message Us" button just on the top right corner)

We will pick the best photo for you! 

We will remove the background of the photo for you! 

Please enter your email during your purchase, we might contact you regarding the submitted photo.

Production normally takes 14 - 20 days depends on our order's amount.
Please consider customized item takes longer production time since we handmade every single pillow.

This pillow key chain is very cute! The picture quality on it is very good. Our cat loves to play with it :)


We received our keychain extremely quickly and They are just amazing, such fantastic quality and well made. Thank you, we will be ordering more.


Brilliant quality and was the perfect gift for my mums birthday; she was so happy with it! I would definitely purchase from here again, the delivery is also incredibly quick!


It's better than I expected... Very cute. So many of my friends ordered one after they saw mine. I just ordered a pillow!


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